The scope of medical documentation in the light of recent governmental policies

Everyone prefers a government job for better financial and social security, we all know that. But do you know the type of jobs in the government sector in the future? Medical documentation will be one of the most important areas where a huge number of government jobs will get provided. Do you know why? Let’s check it out in light of recent government policies and the developments that point to the scope of medical documentation.

One Nation One Health Card Scheme

The central government of India has announced the ONOHC scheme to bring the medical information of every citizen under a single health card that can get accessed from anywhere in the country. It is part of the nation’s digitization policy, and the government aims to improve the efficiency in handling healthcare issues and uplift the healthcare market. With this, the operations of hospitals and insurance agencies will be more smooth, more transparent, and easily accessible for citizens. Here comes the vital question- what is documentation in healthcare?

Collecting, documenting, maintaining, and accessing the enormous amount of medical data, which indicates patients’ names, their health conditions, medicines, medical equipment, disease details, and many more are always a headache. Since these data are technical, handling them is not easy and requires the intervention of experts who can understand medical terms and other specifications. Such skills can only get acquired through special training and practice too. Also, such data can only get handled with software like Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Personal Health Records (PHR), and Electronic Health Records (EHR). It indicates the importance of documentation in medical practice, and it is exactly where we need to invest our time and effort.

State Government and The MEDICEP Scheme

Medicep is an insurance scheme introduced by the Kerala State Government for government employees and retired government employees. It got implemented from July 1 onwards and provides medical insurance coverages up to 3 lacks per annum for every beneficiary. To be precise, 5.16 lacks government employees, and 5.25 lacks retired employees still in the state, which also points to the scope of medical documentation. At the same time, assigning the already existing government agencies and employees to collect, update, and monitor these healthcare data is not practical. So, the state needs to hire professionals to do the job. As a result, government job aspirants must start thinking of doing a medical documentation course to become eligible for the jobs of the future.

The Type of Medical Data to be Handled

As we have already mentioned, the type of data to get documented is pretty technical. It can include the details about the patients, their diagnostic details, details about the available healthcare facilities, and so on. For example, when the doctor tries to diagnose a patient, he/she must get all the details of the diseases and treatments they went through in previous times by analyzing their health card. Also, to ensure that the patient gets insurance coverage, evaluation of past medical history is vital and thus it underlines the importance of documentation in the pharmaceutical industry. This must get done with absolute precision to avoid claim rejections that may cause huge financial problems for the beneficiaries and the documentation job requires continuity.

Studying in Luminis – Foreseeing the Future

The important question that needs to be addressed here is- which type of medical documentation courses to study? In fact, the medical documentation course (Medical Scribing) offered by Luminis is job-oriented, and anyone with at least 50% marks in their higher secondary examinations will be eligible to study it. More interestingly, Luminis is giving 100% job assurance which is the first time in India by any educational institution. Also, the students will be eligible to get a total stipend of 69000 rupees during their academic period.

After the pandemic, the world is moving fast towards digitalization each day. Here in this period, turning your heads towards medical documentation courses is like being adamant not to move in a flowing river. To move forward with the flow taking wise decisions is important to stay happy and prosper in life. Think and decide for yourself, what else is the right time to ask yourself the question- what is documentation in healthcare, and how to master it.

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