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Medical Coding


Discover how Luminis Institute of Skill Training Pvt. Ltd. (LIST) is leading the way as the premier institute offering best medical coding course in Kerala. Medical coding professionals play a crucial role in ensuring accurate application of codes during the medical billing process. This involves abstracting information from documentation, assigning appropriate codes, and creating claims for insurance carriers. Luminis Institute, an ISO-Certified, NSDC-approved skill training institution, offers a top-notch Certified Medical Coding Professional (CMCP) program, making it the best medical coding course in Kerala.

Why Medical Coding?

Medical coding plays a vital role in the healthcare industry by ensuring that medical procedures and services are accurately documented and billed. As a medical coder, you will contribute to the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities, insurance companies, and government agencies. By accurately translating medical records into universal codes, you will help healthcare providers receive proper reimbursement for their services, contribute to medical research, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Moreover, a career in medical coding offers stability, flexibility, and the opportunity to work in various healthcare settings. With the increasing demand for skilled coders, pursuing a career in medical coding can lead to a rewarding and fulfilling professional journey.

Scope of Medical Coding

The field of medical coding offers a wide scope for career growth and opportunities. With the increasing demand for accurate coding in healthcare facilities, insurance companies, and government agencies, qualified medical coders are in high demand. As the healthcare industry continues to expand, the need for skilled coders who can ensure proper documentation and billing will only increase. Moreover, advancements in technology and healthcare practices are creating new avenues for medical coders, making it a dynamic and evolving field with promising prospects for those entering the profession.

Rising Demand for Medical Coding in Kerala

The field of medical coding has transformed medical billing procedures, especially with the introduction of the current procedural terminology (CPT) medical code developed by the American Medical Association (AMA). These alphanumeric codes are designed for entry into databases and used for billing insurance organizations for services rendered. This has led to significant growth in the medical coding market, making enrollment in a medical coding course in Kerala an excellent career move.

Medical Coding Course in Kerala



International Classification
of Diseases (ICDs)


Healthcare Common Procedure
Coding System (HCPCS)


Current Procedural
Terminology (CPT)

Medical Coding Course Qualification

Age: 18+

Education: Completion of Plus two, Degree, or diplomas in any subject.

Passionate to work in the health care industry.

For more information about course fees and other details, contact Luminis Institute for a free consultation at +91 9946577999.

Responsibilities of a Medical Coder:

Handling patients' diagnosis details

Monitoring medical necessity records for treatments, services, or supplies received by patients

Managing unusual circumstances or medical conditions affecting treatments and services

Conducting audits and coding reviews to ensure documentation accuracy

Ensuring medical bills meet time frames in collaboration with the billing department

Luminis provides a training program that not only enhances career prospects but also focuses on improving communication and interview skills, making it the best medical coding institute in Kerala. We guarantee that our candidates will flourish personally and professionally. Our training includes sessions on telephone etiquette and personality development. Since success in Medical Coding requires an understanding of anatomy, physiology, service de tails, payer regulations, and rules, we prioritize providing quality training.

Working In The Industry

As one of the leading medical coding colleges in Kerala, Luminis encourages students to surpass their limits. The healthcare service outsourcing industry is thriving, with India emerging as a hub for healthcare outsourcing. There is a growing demand for medical professionals worldwide, offering job stability and security. In fact, 80% of US companies outsource to India. With exposure to both IT and healthcare, coders have new opportunities to advance their careers. Professionals can work in a secure environment with ample growth opportunities, making a medical coding course in Kerala an attractive option.

International Recognition of Our Program

Luminis offers a quality-driven medical coding course in Kerala with internationally accepted standards.

Universal accepted program in Medical coding by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC )

Course coordination with the American Medical Association

Follows the standard values of the world Health Organization ( WHO )

Providing computer training programs authorized by Microsoft

Program Features

4-month duration(tentative) with international quality

Placement support in various Healthcare Management sectors

Institute Quality and Standards

Modernized infrastructure

A/C classrooms

Quality lab facilities

Why Choose Luminis as the Best Medical Coding Institute in Kerala?

Modernized infrastructure for both online and offline training

A/C classrooms

100% Placement Assistance

Industry Trained Faculties

Training program adhering to international standards and quality

Training in the universal language

Training by internationally qualified and experienced healthcare and medical coding faculties

All training programs directed and coordinated by doctors

Complete trainer support

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