Certificate Program in MEDICAL SCRIBING

“Certificate Program in Medical Scribing” is an industry integrated and job oriented education program. The program intends to train students to become internationally accepted medical scribes. “Certificate Program in Medical Scribing (CPMS®)” is an industry integrated job oriented training program, provided by New Generation Jobs Pvt. Ltd. registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, Scribes act as personal assistants to physicians and help them to deliver the best patient care possible.

A new medical industry is emerging in India Doctors in the United States are required to use computers while patient consultations. This consumes their time of patient care. In this advanced process, Google technology enables a second person to experience what the doctor observes and hears in another country and become the doctor’s real-time assistant. Scribes are part of the medical care team. You work directly with the doctor on a fixed schedule Scribes are part of the doctor’s care team. They are in constant contact with the doctor and can observe and hear everything that the doctor experiences over the course of a day. Scribes are essential in capturing the narrative of every patient visit.

The program has 3 mandatory levels.

The students are required to pass the certification test and or passing criteria of each level to progress to the next.

Level 1

The first level of this program is considered, as the most important level since it trains students the essential and fundamental skills required for the vast varied industry of medical scribing

Luminis institute of Medical Scribing.
(Duration tentatively 4 months )

Level 2 and Level 3

Recruiting Partner’s Office
Level 2 : 4 Months
Level 3 : 2 months
Stipend of Rs69000/-


  • Economical Fee structure
  • Placement Assistance
  • Industry Trained faculties
    • Training program as per international standards and quality
    • Training in universal language
    • Training by international qualified and experienced faculties in health care and Medical coding
    • All training program directed and coordinated by doctors
  • Program duration with opportunist
    • 4 month duration(tentative) with international quality
    • Placement support in varied Healthcare Management sector
  • Institute quality and standards
    • Modernised infrastructure
    • A/c Classrooms
    • Quality Lab Facilities