Luminis Institute of Medical Scribing is a leading medical Scribing institute which provides a roadmap to the students in the field of medical scribing. The students are provided with countless opportunities to prove and improve the skills and that makes luminis institute of medical scribing unique from other scribing institutes. The infrastructure provided by the institute is excellent. Faculties here are life mentors moulding our students into professionals with their support and guidance throughout. All our Teaching faculties are highly professional and capable of providing maximum support to the students and groom them to a better scribe.

Luminis Institute of Medical Scribing boosts every student to make them a perfect scribe in all aspects. We always keep the trust of our students and their parents and work for our students betterment .

Mission Of LIST

To deliver students with specialized and positive experience and mould them into competent health care professionals

To take full advantage of health care vacancies.

To design and depoly best internationally accredited training